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Mar 29, 2008

I probably have several theories that some folks think are crazy.  But in the eyes of many, this one is the craziest.

Of course, it is a theory that has some people afraid.  Some are scared because they fear it might infringe on their franchise to sell salvation.  Others are upset because it might hamper their ability to offer spiritual blackmail, spiritual intimidation, and even bullying in their god's name.  And others cringe in fear of the possibility that they might not know everything!

And here I must admit that what I offer here I could not accept emotionally until fairly recently.  That I could accept it as an intellectual fact is one thing, but to feel it emotionally is  something else altogether.

I can offer you any number of examples, and some teachers will caution against using only one example to illustrate something, but bear with me.  I think this one example illustrates enough for now.  Follow this, and we'll have our own examples to illustrate.

Can you tell the difference between what you want to see, what you think you see, and what you are being shown? 

So many people go around looking for "massages".  Can you tell the difference between the message you were looking for and the message you are being given?

These are a part of my daily struggle, and I cannot imagine anyone who has an easy time with them.

So let's look, so we can put this to use as we move on.

Blessed Be!