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May 12, 2012

We're going to be getting into some heavy stuff soon, but - no, wait we are indeeed already into some heavy stuff.  Between what we saw on prayer last week and what we explore about ritual today, we're seen what makes up the most powerful rituals ever done!  The difference is in the heart and will of the one who is doing the prayer or the ritual.

And speaking of prayer, guess where ritual has its roots?  In prayer that has a reputation of working.

The formula is ancient and you've seen it elsewhere in other context since you were in school learning to write.  The next step is to see what can be made with it, and what can be put into it.

Now, with this you are going to have an adventure, one that you might wish to write down for the sake of the memories you'll be having.  And also, for that matter, for the results you will be seeing.

And we're both beginning and well on our way, both at the same time.

Blessed Be!