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May 19, 2012

We've spoken of the secrets of reaching out to The Divine in prayer and in ritual.  The next step is to speak of the nature of who it is that we're reaching out to!  And we are indeed talking about The Divine, regardless of the name, names or aspects you use in addressing The Divine.  That can seem overwhelming if we just jump in as if we were just swimming in a lake.  After all, to do so means trying to deal with how much more there is than our own mundane experiences can measure.

Some folks just can't deal with that, and so some become atheists who will claim it's outdated superstition, and others become agnostics who try to claim it's a form of mental illness, or that's how my encounters with such people have gone.  And, then there are others who will try to limit The Divine to their own comfort level (or to their own pre-conceived notions).  

But for those of us willing to go beyond that, realizing that we are not experiencing it all while at the same time taking advantage of The Divine's infinite nature, the rewards and benefits can be beyond imagination - until you see them.

If logic and rightness (such as common snese) are are only limits, then some boundaries might not be as relevant, and at the same time we might see the reason for some others.  

And it brings jus to something that's hard to get any other way!

Blessed Be!