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May 10, 2008

Sacrifices - a very special topic.  Most Wiccans know a version of the Charge Of The Goddess which explicitly says that She does not desire sacrifices.  But some don't, and others bring the concept of sacrifices as part of their emotional baggage from other spiritual paths.  So, let's look at it from what this show tries to make as its usual point of view - that of practical theology that you can actually use every day.

We know that sacrificing is in the past of our ancestors.  That's how they got food, especially meat.  It was also what had to suffice sometimes as a way to deal with people who were not able to "pull their own weight" in ancient society.  Most interesting is that sacrifices seemed to increase with the fanaticism associated with a dying culture - as if cutting the hearts out of the best warriors would help win a war.

And, sacrifices are a part of modern life, especially spiritual life.  Did you ever hear someone encourage anyone to "give until you feel good?"  No, the saying is "give until it hurts."  And, of course, we cannot forget the preachers and others who will promise blessings to those who put the rent money in the collection plate and "have faith" that their need will somehow be met.

Salvation, if you need it, is not for sale.  Nobody has the franchise on the Heavenly Admissions Desk.  And above all else, The Divine cannot be bribed.  Yes, The Divine might very well accept an offer.  But filling some pastor's collection plate is not the way to get the attention of The Divine.

And do you think that human sacrifice is gone?  When a child is told that someone they loved is dead because of "God's will", the effect is pretty much the same.  To say nothing of what a way that is to introduce a child to The Divine.

And perhaps there is something better.  In fact, there is something better.  Like so much else, it has been waiting for us to make more use of it.  A way that doesn't hurt, and can often do much more than sacrificing could ever do!

Not only can we break the bonds of sacrifice and spiritual blackmail (and guilt-trips), we can move to an even higher level.

Once you see what I'm talking about, you'll see what I mean!

Blessed Be!