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May 24, 2008

So, what does Indiana Jones have to do with your spiritual quest?

Perhaps more than you know.  I do know that I was surprised at how much he had to do with my own spiritual quest.  It was only when watching some TV shows concerned with how his latest movie relates to his earlier shows that I noticed some facts that really got my intention.

Notice how the main subjects of Indiana Jones' quests are physical objects which either are, or are related to, something which an aspect of The Divine did for the sake of humankind - or at least the portion group of people withing humankind which that particular aspect of The Divine was caring for.

Notice also how the people who oppose Indiana Jones do an excellent job of embodying a definition of evil.  After all, what else is most evil other than someone (or several someones) perverting something good to fit a greedy agenda? 

And that is merely the beginning.  Indiana Jones is just as much of a frail mortal as you and me.  He might be skilled with a handgun and a bullwhip, he might be fluent in Hebrew, Coptic and Hindi, but he can't speak a word of Hovitos if his life depended on it (it almost did), he can't figure out how to fly a plane, and he becomes a total wuss whenever any kind of snake appears.  But whether we agree with his ideas of right and wrong or not, he is true to what he believes.  And he has respect for all aspects of The Divine, whether it be El Shaddai of the Ark Of The Covenant, or Shiva who gifted people with the lingam.

There is much to discover in Indiana Jones, and some of it you might be able to use on your own spiritual quest.

Blessed Be!