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Nov 16, 2012

For some of you, this will open a new door.  Some of you know the door very well.  Others of you have to overcome prior "teaching" by people who claim that such a door does not exist.  Yet, there is evidence of it even in Crhistian scripture, in one of the books so many of them love to quote from!  So, perhaps we need to tell them to read their own book!

One of their favorite saints speaks of it too, and his lore is so full of instances of his knowing this that an entire series could be based on them!  There are friends and family members you have who have much to tell you, show you, and share with you - and you can share with them.  I'm talking about the friends and family members who might have four legs, or feathers, or gills!

Another wonderful door offering you opportunities to explore, and you might not have to travel do so so, either!
Blessed Be!