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Nov 28, 2009

This is a subject which can be taken vary seriously, or as a jest.  The latter is particularly true in the United States where, unless you live a very sheltered life, you will face someone who will want to know if you have "found God." 

One time when I was approached by a streetcorner evangelist with that question, I responded "What, have you lost him again?!?"

But seriously, each of us needs their own quest to find which aspect or aspects of The Divine resonates with us.  Most of us have been told about one aspect or one distinct group of aspects of The Divine since we were infants.  But it was someone else telling us about The Divine, and that is not the same as knowing or experiencing The Divine. 

When you were first being told about The Divine, it could well have been that the person who told you about The Divine also dressed you every day because you were not grown enough to dress yourself.  Now, you are grown enough to decide if you wish to dress yourself in the same style of clothing which that other person once dressed you.  By the same token, you are also ready to see if what you were told matches your needs and your experiences.

And do expect to grow on this quest.  And do not be surprised if the aspect or aspects of The Divine which you find to work with actually seems to grow with you.

And with this, you'll really begin to build!

Blessed Be!