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Nov 3, 2007

I felt the need to say something about the Southern California wildfires.  If other tragic events are any indicator, I am sure there will be many railing from their pulpits as to why it came to be.

If you're old enough to enjoy this podcast without having Mom or Dad help you, you're old enough to remember 9/11, and you probably have memories of what you were doing when you got word of it.  And you might also recall on Pat Robertson's "700 Club" a few days later, Jerry Falwell made a statement that 9/11 happened because his God had "lifted the veil of protection from the United States" because the country had gotten too tolerant of gay people.  And Robertson agreed!

I can only imagine what pronouncements are going to be made about the Southern California wildfires.  From Malibu to the north of Los Angeles down to past San Diego and to the Mexican border they raged - and they're not really over yet.  So, there's some ripe sermon-fodder there.

So, what's the real situation?  If we go past any possible agendas to look at what really happened, what will we see?

The issue is summed up on one word, and it is a word that is repeatedly misused.  And it takes a while sometimes to see it.  But it's there.

We don't need to be told, we can look.  And when we look, what are we shown?  Let's see.