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Oct 2, 2011

First, an apology for the delay in getting this out to you.  I normally do that on Friday nights, and this is only the second one that I've missed other than a couple that I put out in advance.  But last night I had such nasty leg cramps that I could not get down the stairs to do it.  And I've spent most of today in bed.  Healing will be appreciated.

Now, on to the subject.

Some of the most pitiful people I've encountered are the people who insist upon raising disputes where there don't have to be any.  And this is nothing new.  It's been that way throughout recorded history.  It's said, for instance, that if the English had simply asked the colonial assemblies in America rather than imposing stamp acts, etc., thirteen colonies might have stayed with the empire a little longer.  And speaking of the English, they showed a tactic in the 20th century of planting seeds of dispute, but that wasn't exclusively and English thing, as we saw in what had been Yuglslavia.  And people who had once been freinds, neighbors and co-workers learned to hate each other.

When it comes to religion and spirituality, I see three especially major nonsense disputes, and it might be reasonable to say that all of us have gotten caught up in at least one of the three.

And can you imagine what can be ours if we can outgrow that?  Imagine, all of that mis-spent energy becoming available for productive purposes!  Can you imagine what we could do?  You'll see.

Blessed Be!