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Oct 15, 2011

Over the last couple of weeks, I have had some interesting experiences which I hope that I will never have to experience again.  The result was going into a hospital emergency room on a Sunday afternoon.  It became apparent that what was bothering me was not just an inconvenience when I noticed how quickly I was being taken care of.  I did not emerge from that hospital until the following Friday, I worked from home this week, and I'll get to try the office next Tuesday provided one more doctor agrees on Monday.

As I was going through all of that, a thought occurred to me:  there are zillions of books on the subject of healing, there are all kinds of ways to do healing, and finding what works for you to be an effective healer is an exciting experience.  But what about the person who is supposed to be getting the healing?  Is there anything to say what to do if you're not the healer, but the one who needs the healing?

Some healers are almost purely mechanical, especially those with the fancy medical and/or nursing degrees.  Some are spiritual and might not have completed their education - one of the most powerful healings I ever witnessed was by someone who was still in high school at the time.  Most are somewhere in between.  And then there is the question of how to receive the healing.  You've heard me talk about receiving before, and here it comes to the forefront.  And it can really make a difference, especially when receiving from someone who doesn't know how much they actually sent!

To be able to heal is wonderful.  To be able to be effective in being the one being healed completes the equation!

Blessed Be!