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Oct 22, 2011

To some, this will be a major revelation.  I know what you and I were taught about selfishness when we were growing up, and it was intended to insure that our lives were hopefully going to be based on something else than greed.  

But, there comes a time when it's necessary to recognize that in a balanced and well-moderated life, some selfishness is indeed healthy and in fact necessary for folks like you and me to survive and thrive.  Yes, there is indeed a point at which the line-not-to-cross is crossed, and we don't intend to cross that line.  We are not talking about taking second helpings at a meal causing someone else to have nothing.  But we don't have to be doormats, either.

Some good, healthy selfishness can indeed be helpful in some of the things we need to do.  Do you have a vision for yourself in life?  I hope so!  Is there a hurt which you would like to heal, or something which was taken from you which you would like to have back?  That's the sort of thing we're talking about.

And therein like a keyword that you've heard from me more than once: Balance!

And there's more!  Come and see!

Blessed Be!