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Sep 11, 2010

The Christians use Lent and Advent as seasons leading up to Easter and Christmas respectively as a means of introspection, self-examination and renewal.  It is unfortunate that Lent has especially been mis-directed by some to being almost a season of punishment - that was probably not the actual intention.  And if the actual intention was what I presume it to be, a season such as that could be good for us.  After all, we are coming up to what is spiritually the most powerful time of the year.

When I was preparing to become a dedicant at a certain coven, the High Priestess had me write a paper on each Sabbat as it approached.  As the time approached Mabon, I made the observation that Mabon could be seen as being to Samhain as a retirement banquet might compare to a funeral.  Except that Samhain does include another harvest.  And if we know the Wheel Of The Year, we know that it does not end at Samhain, does it?  No, it also begins!

That makes right now a good time to look back on where we have been, and that might give us a better idea of where we are on this leg of the journey - and how to steer the course on the next leg which begins at Samhain.

Let's see what we might do to make this a most fruitful and gainful endeavor.

Blessed Be!