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Sep 24, 2016

I am grateful that while I have been going through the grieving process for my best friend, I have mercifully been spared the gratuitous advice of the useless variety such as I have been subjected to in times past.  It's bad enough to hear about something like "God's will" enough times that for a while I considered him an enemy.  The worst of all was the advice that I was supposed to "let go".  

I was beginning to wonder if I had to keep "letting go", does that mean that there is nothing that I get to keep?  And if that is true, then should I live my life accordingly and simply see what I can gain for me?  I'm glad that I didn't try that path.

There really is a better way, and it balances the need to hold on with the need to avoid living in the past or clinging to a past that no longer exists.

And a good balance is possible.  And an active spiritual life really helps!
Blessed Be!