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Dec 29, 2007

Could there possibly be a more perfect place in time for the secular New Year's Day than right after Yule?  At Yule, we celebrate a new birth.  And now, the secular world is giving us a time to give the newborn a sense of direction.

What was born for you at Yule?  I gave you a little peek of what was born for me, but...

Dec 22, 2007

Let's not just celebrate Yule, let's celebrate Yuletide!  And why should we just celebrate it when we can be part of it!

We've talked before about visualization, and seeing things with the mind's eye.  At Samhain, you joined with me in the celebration with so many others all over the world.  And now, here's a...

Dec 15, 2007

This makes a good lead-in to Yule.  At Yule, we celebrate a birth.  And with the birth, it might be a good idea to have some idea of what course the new like might be able to take.

We've talked about what Saints and Ascended Masters are, and we know that they were people like you and me.  It might not seem that way if...

Dec 8, 2007

Here we examine the ten most popular ways to ruin your spiritual life.

Please note that I am not talking about letting it gradually weaken until you wake up one morning to discover that you don't have one anymore.  No, I am talking about really ruining your spiritual life, sending it crashing-and-burning almost like a...

Dec 1, 2007

For those who think that only two things in life are certain, I will add a third.  We know about death and taxes as certainties.  Another certainty is that anyone who has a genuine, sincere spiritual path which he or she is seriously pursuing will get assaulted.  The assults might not be physical, but the assults will...