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Apr 18, 2015

Of all of the religions, denominations, cults and spiritual movements that I have encountered, none has raised as many "red flags" in my mind as Christianity! Few seem to go further from the original teaching imparted by Yeshua Bar-Joseph! This issue is a good reason to explore it, especially as a Wiccan.

We encounter layers upon layers of dogma and orthodoxy, some written to keep people "in line", much written to fight the dogmas of other orthodoxies. So many of them will tell you of a need for a "personal relationship", but so little provision is made for an individual relationship. And so, it's time to explore what else might be there that we have not been shown.

There is where my own exploration begins. The people who knock on your door and the folks at the church down the street might not be doing what Yeshua Bar-Joseph had in mind!

Blessed Be!