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Apr 20, 2012

One of the classic mistakes in many fields, including this one, is not bothering to define something before trying to describe it, make use of it, or even try to teach others about it.  Deity is no exception.  Admittely, there is a lot of overlap, for instance.  Compare Brighid and St Brigid, St Uriel and Ariel, or St Brendan and Bran, and you'll begin to see what I mean, and that's not the only way that happens and there's more.  But then again, there is also only so much I can say in one episode.  But I'll try to do as much as I can so that you'll know where to go from here.

Some will say there are contradictions, other will say that if you see a contradiction, you need to look more deeply.  How can many be one and one many.  Even the most fundamentalist of evangelical Christians claim one god but they have a father, son and holy ghost as three.  Ever wonder how they manage that?

And the basic question of finding the ones that are the right ones for you.  There's more than one way to do that, and more than one basis to build with it.

With that, we'll be able to build something wonderful.  And you'll see what I mean!

Blessed Be!