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Apr 23, 2011

With Beltaine next week and Litha coming just a few weeks later, this is a good time to talk about fulfillment.  Then again, anytime is a good time to talk about that, but especially now, when we see things being fulfilled, it is worth our while to understand what we can do to help such things be fulfilled.

And yes, we are witnessing the fulfillment of a promise which was made to us at Samhain.  And how is it fulfilled?  There are three basic components to the fulfillment: the divine does their part, we do our part, and there is consistency on all parts.

Some of you, like me, have gone through a time when a strange view of The Divine was forced on us.  If it happened that The Divine was portrayed as some old white man in the sky who keeps score on you, or if you felt you were enduring the "will" resulting from the mood-swings of a bipolar deity,  some healing is in order, and you might find the basis of that healing here.  

Seeing the three components and bringing them together forges a link between some of the most basic principles in relationships - any relationships.  After all, most of us have experienced what it is like to have a "friend" who only comes around when they want something.  And then there are the real ones who are simply interested in being friends.  

Some basic principles here, which can come together to be the basis of some powerful magick!

Blessed Be!