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Apr 4, 2015

What would be the greatest logical disconnect of all time? Perhaps the one which millions of people of many faiths buy into on a daily basis! On one hand, we get told that a deity loves us. On the other hand, we are told that the deity will punish us, eternally and severely, for the slightest infraction. Worse yet, the question of eternal salvation might be subject to either arbitrariness or just a numeric quota. How can anyone NOT see the disconnect?

The answer is hidden in plain sight. Name a spiritual path, and you'll find a god, goddess, or other deity who did great things for us. In fact, you might find several of them hard at work for us. While Jesus died on the cross, Allfather Odin hung himself from the World Tree for nine days to learn what he needed to know for our sake. I could go on and on.

Many of us have been subjected to the words of some fat, bald guy in a pulpit, but did he offer the answers? In the very nature of what the deities did, we find a hint of what we can look forward to!

Blessed Be!