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Apr 3, 2010

First off, let this be understood:  Divination is not "fortune-telling."  Many of you are aware of that basic fact, but enough are not that I need to state that up-front.

Is there a difference?  Yes, and it is a major difference.  So-called fortune-telling has a premise that you are stuck with what's coming.  If a fortune-teller tells you that illness is coming, then you are indeed going to be sick.  Divination shows you what can be and what may be, especially if the patterns made today continue.  But if something is looming on the horizon that you'd prefer not to deal with, you have means to avoid or at least alleviate it.  On the other side of the spiritual coin, there is also the fact that something priomising which you see through divination could be lost if you don't do your part.

And yes, the standard rules of magick apply. 

So many possible ways - there's got to be at least one that will fit you.

And for the inevitable objections you might hear from those who think they know but don't, there's a couple of clues here, including one that will surprise a lot of Christians.

And this, for any beginners, is but the beginning of the beginning. 

Blessed Be!