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Aug 24, 2013

Well, the hate-based Facebook page I mentioned last time, which was taken down at the time I uploaded the last show, came back. It came back nastier than ever, in fact. But it's taken down now, officially and for keeps.

What's amazing is that the notification arrived just as I was finishing the production of this episode, and I needed to modify and re-export the show with the updated content! Of course, there is the question that is obvious, at least to me: why did it take a week for something so obviously in violation of their published community standards?

Not only is hate speech wrong, but religious-based hate speech can be dangerous, from a spiritual viewpoint. In fact, it can be really spiritually dangerous! While I will make comments about certain practices, I try to avoid completely condemning a group, and I certainly will not suggest that a religious or spiritual group be put to death!

Blessed Be!