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Aug 15, 2009

You've heard me say it ever-so-many times before: the apology is the only commodity cheaper than a politician's promise during an election campaign.

Michael Vick was recently released from prison after serving his sentence.  He's made statements about how remorseful he is about hurting and killing those dogs he forced to fight.  And when I think of what he did, and I look at the gentle creature at my feet (whose best buddy is a 3-month-old kitten), and I think you can imagine my thoughts about such a person.

Just this Thursday, it was announced that not only was Michael Vick returning to pro football, be was going to join the Philadelphia Eagles!  That means that he is coming here, where I live and work!

Speaking as someone who lives in the Philadelphia area and works right in the middle of Philly, I can tell you that you won't find many people who don't have very definite opinions about Michael Vick.

As for me, I see this in terms of applied theology.  And there's a lesson we can all see here.  What exactly the lesson will entail depends upon Michael Vick.  What do I mean?  Listen to the podcast and find out!

Blessed Be!