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Aug 18, 2007

Explore any writings written before a certain time, and you find that they were "written" in poetic form.  And it certainly was not the kind of poetry that your fourth-grade teacher bored you with!

Why were they written in poetry back then?  Because they probably were not written down for some time.  This was how knowledge was conveyed - in everything from history to family lineage to practical matters like cooking or sailing a ship. 

It was also the way that some information might be passed on quietly, beyond the reach of prying eyes.  A poem could contain more than one message.  It could be more than a poem. 

And this is a tool, a portal, and a weapon that we can use today just as well as our ancestors could.

Here's one.  Maybe it's from 750c.e., or maybe it's from 1993c.e. - I'm not saying right now - enjoy it and see what it says.

Here's a door.  Look through and see what might be waiting to be found.


over fifteen years ago

Great show Thanks so much for all your work