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Aug 1, 2009

Dan Brown has transformed another one of his books into a major Hollywood movie.  And I cannot help but wonder if there is going to be the same sort of stir created by "Angels and Demons" as was created by "The DaVinci Code."

First off, one thing needs to be understood: in both cases, he appears to have had the intent of writing a fiction novel to entertain us.  But there are those who took it too seriously, as if it were a documentary revealing something.  And then there were those who took it too seriously, as if it were revealing a proprietary secret which they are supposed to guard.  And there are those who don't take it seriously enough, as if there were nothing there.

If we do explore this, what do we do?  The same thing as for any other exploration.  First off, you get past what's completely fiction.  An organization with a purported history going back centuries before its actual founding is as useless as the cowboy movie "hero" who manages to shoot 25 shots from a six-shooter without reloading!

Get beyond that, and we know what is worth looking for.  Once you find that, then the exploring can really begin.  And this is where you can have some spiritual excitement!

Blessed Be!