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Aug 21, 2010

I've been known to say that where the spiritual is concerned, nobody forges a new path and gets away with it.  Basically, what I do is mostly see how supposedly different things fit together, and sometimes I get into trouble over that.  But Isaac Bonewits was one of those folks who did actually forge new territory.  And it seems right to talk about forging new paths.  

When Isaac began his quest, whatever books on magick and non-mainstream spirituality were either gathering dust on university library bookshelves, or were preciously guarded on the bookshelf of a practitioner.  They certainly were not going to be found in your neighborhood bookstore.  And that's to say nothing of jewelry, supplies, ritual garb and the like.  

And it's not easy exploring new territory, and it is not going to win you new popularity, either.  And, it's not the safest thing to do, either.  If you want to explore, have some idea that you are walking on solid ground, not thin ice!

And yet, for all that can be said to persuade someone not to try, it is a necessary part of our growth as individuals, as cultures, and as societies.  

And so, let's look at the implications of something which some of us might want to try.

Blessed Be!