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Aug 23, 2008

Officer Paul Stephens of the San Marcos, Texas Police Department has been spending most of the past week experiencing the enforcement of a law more powerful than any law which he might be called upon to enforce.  He has been experiencing the enforcement of The Threefold Law.  The Threefold Law is one that most of us are very familiar with: Whatever you do, for good or for evil, returns to you threefold. 

Officer Paul Stephens pulled over a motorist for speeding.  As a former police officer myself, I appreciate the situation in which Officer Stephens found himself.  When he found the situation was that a couple was trying to get their seriously ill dog to an emergency vetrinary clinic because the dog's life was in danger, his response was "It's a dog, relax, you can get another one."

My personal guess is that if Officer Paul Stephens has any form of a law enforcement career left after his becoming internationally famous for that remark (captured for posterity on his dashboard video camera), nothing that he can accomplish will be able to overshadow his remark to the desperate parent of a loving poodle who had a medical emergency.

And here is where we can see how this can apply to us.  Admittedly, Officer Stephens was recruited out of the same human race as the rest of us.

And so, let's see what we might be able to see in this incident that can be four our own learning. 

It's hard to tell if Officer Stephens or his bosses learned anything, but that does not stop us from being able to learn from it.

Blessed Be!