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Aug 4, 2007

One thing I mentioned in the promo that would be mentioned here is "the latest book that makes the Christians cuss" - and none has done so much as the books about Harry Potter.

Harry Potter has done a lot of genuine magick in this world, beginning with transforming a single mother on welfare into a renowned author, and going on to transforming kids who thought that reading was "something nerds do" into eager readers.  Not bad for a fictional adolescent!

So, what's the fuss over Harry Potter?

Could it be that there is a secret in the Harry Potter books, waiting to be revealed?  Yes, there is!

And if you see some Fundamentalist Christians ripping the electric lights out of their churches and homes, you'll know that they listened to this podcast and decided that the real message of Harry Potter was really evil!

Go ahead, listen to this podcast!  See what kind of a message Harrry Potter has for you!