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Aug 8, 2009

Sometimes, the most important lesson from a Sabbat is learned by looking back towards it.  And we're doing just that.  Lammas was last week.

I've said before that there is an element of each Sabbat in every other Sabbat, and that no Sabbat is "over" until the Wheel Of The Year has turned all of the way to the next year's iteration of the same Sabbat.  And so, some of the most powerful learning to be gotten from any Sabbat is to be gained by looking forward and backward from that Sabbat to the others. 

And, we had a ritual at the Lammas celebration.  It included many things, but one stood out in my mind:  naming the seeds which we may have planted but which we did not want to harvest. 

Even the most Pollyanna of "fluff-bunnies" will admit that that is a real issue.  So much so that there was even a classic sci-fi movie which was aimed at exposing a threat of which most magickal folk are only too aware.

And we're going to face that.  And maybe we can see how to claim victory over such a "thing".  Perhaps the most difficult thing is realizing that you actually can do that!

Blessed Be!