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Dec 3, 2011

Again, let's go back to Before The Beginning.  But this time, we'll take a different journey.  Last time, we went from Before The Beginning to our selves to see the basis of our own individual power.  This time, let's go out into the universe as a whole (or the little corner of it we can deal with).  And there, let's see the context in which the power of each of us individuals is used.  That's your context, plus my context, and everyone else's, too.

Biologists and other scientists have talked about how they have a theory that all of us came from a single pair of ancestors, way back in the mists of time and-or pre-time.  The various forms of the Kaballah teach us something similar.  And if there is one common origin for all of us - and all of existence as well, how do we prove it, or at least give it some credibility?  Actually, the examination of some basic facts lets us know that this is definitely true.  At any rate, all of our effort has not produced a shred of evidence to dispute it.  Not a bit.  

And it that's true, why did so many of us wind up so different and have so many different (and sometimes opposing or contradictory) spiritual paths?  Basic logic provides that answer, including The Divine's role in it all, especially when it's time for The Divine to manifest.  And even the Christians' Bible has a verse that backs this up!

And do you know what this can mean?  Quite a lot!  We get this point, and there's no limit to what we might be able to do!

Blessed Be!