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Dec 3, 2016

Tuesday morning, Lady Stormy and I were presented with a surprise.  We found a reminder of someone we loved, who had passed away.  It was something that most folks would not even notice, but that we would know why it was special.  Of course, we remembered and of course we put it with other keepsakes.  It was unexpected and we didn't even think it was in the house.  But there is was.

I was so glad that we recognized it.  It helps with the pain of loss.  It might even be someone reaching across the veil to let us know that he still cares.

The point here is not what happened this time, but that these things can and do happen.  And it is wonderful to be able to recognize and receive such blessings.  It would be sad to think that some people might be missing blessings which are there for them.
Blessed Be!