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Dec 5, 2015

Once again, some Christians are claiming that there is a "war on Christmas" going on, and in the past I have stated a claim that I did not believe there was a "war on Christmas."  I was mistaken.  I do believe that there is a "war on Christmas", but it is not the one that so many, particularly Evangelical Protestants, claim exists.

The nature of the real war on Christmas goes beyond made-up issues as a coffee shop's cups being red without additional decoration, and it goes beyond non-issues such as a store clerk saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas".

The real war on Christmas is worse than that.  And what scares me is that it could happen to the special days of any spiritual path.  What would a Wiccan or other Pagan do if Beltane became an excuse for one-night stands, or if Ostara or Samhain became nothing more than occasions to gorge yourself on candy?  

Blessed Be!