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Dec 12, 2009

Letting The Infinite grasp you - and why not!  Last week, we talked about grasping the infinite, and you know that there has to be something to be seen from the other direction.  Besides, it is a common question.  In fact it was one of my first questions when I began asking questions.  How can The Divine grasp us?  What will cause The Divine (by whatever name or names we use) to pay sufficient attention so that I can feel The Divine's actual being?

That's an especially good question coming from someone who has not actually experienced The Divine.  A Bible story claims that Moses went up to a mountaintop and talked to someone, so why can't I?  Where is your Goddess that I can experience Her?  If I am laying in pain on a hospital gurney in an emergency room somewhere and I call out the name of a Deity, will He or She actually show up and do something to help me?

And that's a question which many people have on their minds.  And its answer, lack of an answer, or presumed answer can determine the course of someone's spiritual life.  And beware of that indeed, for there are many people who purport to speak for The Divine - and some of them might not really want to to experience The Divine for yourself!

And when you find the real answer, you'll see why I call this show "The Secrets In Plain Sight!"

Blessed Be!