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Dec 15, 2007

This makes a good lead-in to Yule.  At Yule, we celebrate a birth.  And with the birth, it might be a good idea to have some idea of what course the new like might be able to take.

We've talked about what Saints and Ascended Masters are, and we know that they were people like you and me.  It might not seem that way if you read their official biographies. 

Official biographies might not be the best way to see them, especially as people.  But if you get beyond the official biographies, you'll find some common threads - and much to learn.  And even with their human shortcomings, you'll find something to learn.

And what if I told you that they had something in common?  What if I told you that there were three particular traits that they had in common?

Three traits, and those three traits can be summed up in three words. 

The formula is simple.  The pursuit of those three traits might not be as simple as it appears.  Or it might be just as simple.  You'll have to see.

What makes a Saint or Ascended Master?  Three traits are always there, and their pursuit can be a lifetime quest.  And that's where the excitement begins!

Dig into this, and next week you might be putting this and much else to use.  Next week will be a spiritual experience, and perhaps something special.