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Dec 1, 2007

For those who think that only two things in life are certain, I will add a third.  We know about death and taxes as certainties.  Another certainty is that anyone who has a genuine, sincere spiritual path which he or she is seriously pursuing will get assaulted.  The assults might not be physical, but the assults will be just the same.

In my experience, I've had agnostics tell me that what I was following was a symptom of mental illness, while at the same time I heard atheists tell me that what I was pursuing was obsolete superstition.  And all the while, no matter the label on my spiritual path that I or someone else chose for it, there was always someone who claimed that my spiritual path was wrong because it wasn't the same as theirs.  Assaults.

And so, spiritual people need spiritual protection.

When I was given training in marital arts, the first thing I was shown was how to stand, and how to know that we were standing solidly.  It's the same thing here, only it is standing solidly on our own spiritual feet instead of physical feet.  And yes, there is some spiritual foot-care involved.

In both cases, it's easy to miss something and get tripped.  But if you are prepared, then you don't get tripped.  It's that simple.  Those who are the best prepared for a spiritual fight are usually those who get to enjoy genuine spiritual peace.

And it's not what a lot of folks think it's about, either.