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Dec 29, 2007

Could there possibly be a more perfect place in time for the secular New Year's Day than right after Yule?  At Yule, we celebrate a new birth.  And now, the secular world is giving us a time to give the newborn a sense of direction.

What was born for you at Yule?  I gave you a little peek of what was born for me, but not so much that I would be accused of "spilling the beans".  The part about keeping silence has been sufficiently kept.  And you know what was born for you.

And now, between the mudane and the magickal, you can start guiding it.  The limits might not be what you think, and the limitations are rather broad.  The basic rules and principles apply as well as common sense.  But also be mindful of what does not apply.  You'll see what I mean. 

This is an opportunity to get rid of "old tapes" and see what can be!

And yes, it can be and it will be!