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Dec 8, 2007

Here we examine the ten most popular ways to ruin your spiritual life.

Please note that I am not talking about letting it gradually weaken until you wake up one morning to discover that you don't have one anymore.  No, I am talking about really ruining your spiritual life, sending it crashing-and-burning almost like a scene in the movies!

It's surprising how easy it is to do, and I know that I've found myself doing some of the things I've listed in this show for you.

So, why would I be talking about how to ruin your spiritual life?

With Yule coming, there is so much secular hype that it's sometimes difficult to remember what Yuletide is supposed to be about.  And maybe here is a good opportunity to look for opportunities.  And maybe here is a chance for something powerful to come to be!

Maybe in here there are some hints about how to make your spiritual life actually come alive and gain strength!  And with that, your Yule (or whatever you are celebrating now) can be more than you ever imagined that it could be!