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Sep 2, 2006

For all this time, we've talked about principles, practices, and the general field of applied theology and practical spirituality in today's world.  Due to circumstances which should never have been allowed to be, there is a situation which is begging for these principles to be applied.

When a member of the US armed forces dies on active duty, or when a veteran comes home honorably and lives out the course of his or her life, one of the basic entitlements is a memorial marker provided by the US Department of Veterans Affairs.  Religious faith is important to men and women who go into harm's way on behalf of their country, and the memorial marker can include an appropriate symbol representing the individual's religious faith - unless the person happens to be Wiccan or Pagan.  Why?

Applications have been "pending" at the Department of Veterans Affairs for nine years.  In that time, several other faiths have had theirs symbols approved.  In one case, approval came withing a matter of a few weeks!  Meanwhile, the Pentacle remains "pending".  Of course they can't disapprove of it!  To disapprove of it would be as wrong as racially segregating the cemeteries!  So, it remains "pending."  For all of the officials who claim to be "invesitgating" and others who claim "their hands are tied", two political appointees are in a position to take immediate action to correct the situation. 

It's time to take spiritual action, to call upon the Divine - in whichever names or forms each of us addresses our deities, and call for those two individuals to have the wisdom and courage to do what is right - and stop this daily insult to those of our spiritual paths who have served their country. 

A basic application of all the stuff we've been talking about.  And a time to apply it.

Blessed Be!