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Sep 9, 2006

Marketing, you ask?  We're talking religion and spirituality, aren't we?  Yes!  And we're talking about making all of our ministries as effective as possible!

Priesthood is something that you have.  Such things as ordination and lineage mean that someone has agreed with that to the point that they are willing to put their "seal" on it, but the fact remains that priesthood is something that you have.  If you didn't have it, you wouldn't be reading this.  Ministry is what you do with your priesthood.  And if your ministry extends anywhere beyond the door of the room where you keep your altar, this subject is important to you.  Of course you might have put a different label on it, but it's marketing your ministry.

Nothing irritates me quite as much as a news report in which one of our priests or priestesses is referred to as "self-styled".  And that's quite a statement to be made by a self-styled journalist whose qualifications might include literacy and a glib enough tongue to get hired.  And if you catch my drift in the latter, you've got my point about the former.  And the "self-styled" description is but one issue.  But I do love to point out that there's more reason that I am a priest than my claims.

And this is one of the ways to prepare for that and other challenges which I promise that you will face.