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Oct 7, 2006

Some people get really upset about books, and this one has been a bother to the so-called mainstream Christians for centuries!  In fact, it might even be said that one of the more accepted gospels, the Gospel of John, has much of its content dedicated to countering this book.

This controversial book is short and to the point, devoid of stories and other "fluff", since the author appears to have intended to have it contain only teachings.  It's a quick read, and fairly easy to grasp.  What is more, when the learning in there is taken with the context of the time and mixed with some common sense, the lessons are revolutionary.

For those who had to leave Christianity because of various issues and for those who had too many questions that the preachers and teachers did not want to answer, many of those answers are in this book.

For those who are on other paths (Pagan, Wiccan, or any other), what is taught here can be applied to any spiritual path - any spiritual path.

The book is the Gospel of Thomas.  The Gospel of Thomas is one of the books you never found in the Bible they read from in church.  Why was it excluded?  Does it contain something that someone didn't want known?  Is there something you can do for yourself in spite of others claim that you have to go through another mortal "more chosen"?  Is there an issue that people today are raising a stink about that really is a non-issue?  Are people being intimidated while being told to wait for something coming "soon" when it is already here for them to claim and enjoy?  Is there a group of people keeping others from drinking at the best well - and they refuse to drink from it themselves? 

If it weren't for the name of the person quoted in this book, it could pass for learning in any of many other spiritual paths. 

It's not what you might think.  And it is one of the secrets hiding in plain sight.