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Oct 28, 2006

Samhain is a most special sabbat, but it's possible to make it even more special.  How?  By using some basic principles that can apply to any sabbat or, for that matter, any day of special observance.

That's a point that a lot of folks miss, especially those who follow the so-called "mainstream religions" .  They have their cycle of the year too, and they follow it.  But if they "punch the divine time clock" every Sunday morning, give up something they enjoy for Lent, fast when they are supposed to fast and don't do all of the things they're not supposed to do, can they tell you why?  Or is their answer something to the effect of "we're supposed to."

And so, what does that mean to us?  By making a Sabbat more personal, we make it more meaningful and a genuine part of our lives!  What is more, you give yourself a personal, and affirmative, reason for doing it!

And so, some thoughts on making Samhain more personal.  Samhain is an end and a beginning.  That's a good place to start.