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Nov 4, 2006

Samhain has come and gone.  And what of it?  Does having celebrated Samhain make any difference now?

What do I mean?  Look at how the Christians and others deal with Christmas.  From approximately the time of the US Thanksgiving holiday until the time when it's OK to open presents under the tree, those people are so nice, aren't they?  And then, suddenly and for the next three months or so, watch your back!

Is there something we can take from Samhain and use throughout the year?  What might it be?  How would someone go about doing it?

For Wiccans and most Pagans, Samhain is a major holiday as well as a Sabbat.  It is one of eight sabbats in the cycle of the year.  If we take something from each sabbat to use during the course of the year, we'll have gained something.


***Special Announcement ***


At the end of the podcast, there is an announcement and invitation concerning November 11, 2006 (Veterans' Day).  Expect some other announcements to be coming from Circle Sanctuary and others.

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