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Jan 13, 2007

Reading a blog sponsored by a group which represents a viewpoint I once held dear and also reading what the mainstream media have to say about non-mainstream religions, I came to a realization:  how regularly the so-called mainstream misses some of the most important points!

The current rucus going on among certain mainstream religious groups would be hilarious if it didn't have to do with perhaps the most important thing we mortals might be involved in.  And if all of the fuss did not have such a high price on the spiritual paths of so many.

And in the middle of it all, there's one basic point which many of us get, but so many of the so-called mainstream misses completely.

Can a Christian be a Christian if he or she has a good time at Christmas and enjoys Easter candy and clothes, but avoids Lent?  Can someone be Jewish by celebrating Hannukah but avoiding Yom Kippur? 

If there are "pluses" and "minuses" in every spiritual path or tradition, how is someone supposed to deal with the "minuses"?

And is Aidan saying that we need to rigidly follow a path without question, or is he saying something else?

There's something basic here.