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Feb 3, 2007

I've said before not to expect major visions and revelations in your meditations and rituals.  There are reasons why. 

Try to imagine your deities in their terms, and "on their turf."  If you and I pray to the same deity at the same time, that deity listens and responds.  But not only the two of us, but for everyone else in the world who might be praying to that deity at the same time?  That would be overwhelming.  And then not only listen, but do things and maybe have a life on top of that?  I don't know about you, but I'm not ready for that level of multi-tasking.

So, what are these glimpses and peeks that we get?  And what can we do with them?  Much!

But woe to the people who think that the peeks are a full picture.  They are really missing something!



Some major news that needs to be shared!  Along with Al Gore being considered for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on global warming, there's a major story of significance to all who read this:

A federal judge has refused to let the VA stall anymore on the veterans' pentacle case, and the case is moving forward.

Aidan has also issued a challenge to Pat Robertson, as well as to every Catholic priest, bishop and cardinal to join in supporting the Veterans' Pentacle Quest.  After all, religious freedom means all religions if it is actual religious freedom.  If they want to talk about religious freedom, here's their chance to show what they mean.  Are you listening, Pat?