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Feb 10, 2007

One of the secrets to be found in spirituality lies close to us.  In fact, it may be under your own roof! 

In my case, some of the keys for me to find this secret are not only under my roof, not only do they lay close to me, they lay on my bed at night when I'm sleeping!

I can't make a blanket statement for all animals, but I can say that the animals I've gotten to really know are very spiritual.  And why not?  They don't have most of the distractions we use to take our focus off-target, so they have no excuse not to have a good grasp of the spiritual!

Of course there are those who will argue against that.  And they are the spiritual descendants of the theologians who once claimed that women didn't have souls!  There were also those who claimed that people who didn't qualify as "white" weren't really human.  Since such people have been proven wrong on those issues, perhaps they missed on some others?

And what can we see when we take a look at our special friends?

I can say something of what I've experienced, and you might compare that with what you've experienced.  But basically, this is a question for which I can't write out the "right" answers, even though some of the wrong answers would be apparent enough.

Look, see, perceive, and understand.  Someone close to you might have something to offer. 

fifteen and a half years ago