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Feb 24, 2007

Closets have always been in demand.  The demand for closets is at least as old as history itself, perhaps even older.  During the Babylonian exile, there were Israelites who busied themselves trying to show how Babylonian they had become!

In 1492, before his famous voyage, Christopher Columbus was the Spanish admiral who arranged for the deportation of all of the Jews in Spain.  There were exceptions - those willing to convert.  And there were enough last-minute conversions that a large number of people with Spanish heritage also have a Jewish heritage which they might find difficult to reclaim.

I, Aidan, won't live in a closet, especially the Broomcloset!

Gossips have less to gossip about someone who is up-front about who they are.  And being up-front about who you are opens a door.  When others find out that you are just like them, you'll find more people who are just like you!

The movements which have brought African-Americans, gay people, Jewish people and others more into the mainstream have one thing in common: they had differences which they set aside in order to work together.  But they had their beginnings with each and every individual involved taking pride in who they are.

 And, there is strength and power in being counted.  Just how powerful can a prayer or a ritual be from a broomcloset?

Besides, we're going to surprise even ourselves with how many we are.  My guess is that if we were all counted, we'd already be mainstream!