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May 12, 2007

It occurs to me that I've been saying that Temple of Gaia wanted to offer its members anything they'd expect to find in any other church, but in the past year this podcast has been me flapping my jaws.  So with this one, I'm adding something different.

A church should have a chapel that is available at any time, and now ours can be found at  If you want, go into the sanctuary while you enjoy this podcast, and if you want, you can join me in this celebration.

This has been in preparation for some time, and finally I decided I might as well try, and see how it goes.  Jerry Falwell has his Sunday services on TV, the local Catholic church has a Mass on TV and/or radio for those who can't go to church, so why not a try in that direction for Wiccans and Pagans?

Next week will be a show in the usual format.  But for right now, let's celebrate this, and see how this goes.