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Jun 2, 2007

One of the perpetual complaints among Wiccans and Pagans is that of the books available, there are so many primers and so few advanced books. 

Meanwhile, I have a personal theory that one of the ways to measure a person's spiritual development is to look at the level of things that they fuss about.  If someone is fussing about the style of robe a priest chooses to wear while someone else is trying to tackle a real issue, might that be a clue?

If you want some advanced stuff, there is one author I will recommend to anyone who is ready for him.  One book in particular is a challenge - but it is worthwhile.  It opened my eyes.

And what would you look for in an "advanced book"?  And what makes it so advanced?

Some will think that there's a "magickal book" that separates the real ones from the wanna-be's.  On occasion, you'll come across someone seeking the "super-book" which will open new gateways to enlightenment.  They'll still be looking a long time from now.  That sort of accomplishment comes from within - not from a book. 

But, there is a book that helped me change the way I looked at things, especially spiritual things.  It let em see new doors to open and explore, and it also got me to go back and look into doors I thought that I had already seen - and re-open some that I had thought I needed to close.

Powerful - if you're ready for it.