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Jun 9, 2007

Seeing what causes most of the arguing among Wiccans and Pagans, this is likely to be the most controversial show I ever do!

You've probably heard my personal theory that a person's spiritual development can be measured in terms of what they fuss about.  What does that mean in a practical sense?

Is there a point that you have to "get" before you move beyond a certain level?  If so, is it something uniquely Wiccan, or is it something that applies to all fails, religions and spiritual paths?  Here, I'll break the usual "rule" and answer that question - it is a point that applies to anyone, regardless of their spiritual path, denomination or religion.  And so, now the bigger question:  what is this point that so many don't get?

That's what this episode is all about! 

For those who already get the point, this will be an affirmation that what others might be nit-picking you about is, in fact, only a problem because they don't get it and you do!