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Jun 16, 2007

This was one of the easiest shows I've ever put together, and also one of the most difficult.  It was easy because the words just came out.  It was difficult because I got emotional while I was preparing it. 

This weekend includes Fathers' Day.  At least, that's when it is in the US.  Something similar might be at other times in other places.  And if there is so such designated day where you are, you're welcome to borrow this one! ;->

If you've heard me mention my Dad before, then I think you know that I miss him.  And, I'm a Dad with two children who are grown and on their own.  And I miss them, too. 

Let me point out that if you think that my Dad and I spent the time we had together as some special incarnation of Ward and Wally Cleaver, guess again.  But we did come to share something that was priceless.  And I'll share some of that with you.

And so, a special offering on the subject of Dads.

Fathers' Day.  A special day to celebrate and honor Dads.  And for those of us who are Dads, a special day.

Thanks, Dad!