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May 13, 2006

Aidan recently visited a pow wow, a Native American gathering hosted by a nation which has some major significance for his wife.  More than a vacation, the pow wow proved to be a profound experience, loaded with learning!

What has that to do with you?  Part of your spiritual learning could very well include visits to other spiritual paths - not to stay, but to experience them and to see what they might have to teach.  This is nothing like so-called "cafeteria religion" in which someone takes only what they have an appetite for, and perhaps that might change from one day to the next - this is a quest to see what another path might be able to teach which might be hiding too subtly in your own path.  This is not the first such visit that Aidan has made, and he looks forward to more.

Of course, like visits to fellow mortals on the material plane, there is a right way to visit. 

Most such visits will include some learning, and included in that learning might be some basic truths.  That's discussed here, too.  Unfortunately, there are those who don't appear to know such basic truths - and then we all lose as a result.

But their is a way to visit another spiritual path - and come home to your own path with something very valuable.

Lady Stormy Windwalker
fifteen and a half years ago


I could not agree with you more on your comments of visiting other spiritual or religious paths. I have found by seeing what others do in way of worshipping or honoring their specific Deity can give you a much more closer outlook on just how worship is handled by others. I have found that if I am invited to join a friend at their place of worship I do come back to my own way of worship with a much broader meaning and a valuable lesson.

Knowing other ways is important to all religions or spiritualities, this way we can eliminate the \"not knowing\" of our ways and maybe we can eliminate all the occuring myths that other religions or spiritualities make about Wicca.

Going to powwows and dancing in their circles is one way of me becoming closer to the Great Spirit. By applying music and dance to my Wiccan rituals I can get the same sense of closeness with the Gods and Goddesses. Not only does it make energies rise to full power, but also gives you a feeling of their presence while you honor them with music and dance.

Keep up the great work with your Podcasts, dear husband!! You are doing really well!!

Lady Stormy