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Apr 7, 2007

Imagine (or remember) if you will... if your only experience with spinach was what the cafeteria lady in elementary school pulled out of that big can to put on your plate.  That was my experience with spinach, and that was why I avoided spinach for many, many years.  Then, Lady Stormy came into my life.  One evening, she prepared a dinner for me which included - you guessed it - spinach.  I tried it, and was amazed!  The spinach that Lady Stormy cooked for me was not the same stuff as what the cafeteria lady dumped onto my tin tray when I was in sixth grade!  It was actually good, and I've enjoyed it regularly ever since.

Last week, I spoke of Ascended Masters - or saints, as they are known in some spiritual paths.  This week, I speak of Celestial Masters - or angels as they are known in some spiritual paths. 

Go into any story of mortals meeting the Divine, you'll find the deity has divine helpers.

So, there's more to this than the stuff that Mrs Whatzit tried to bore you with in Sunday School. 

Look, see, experience, use what you learn, and don't be upset if someone else sees something a bit different.


SPECIAL NOTE:  This is the One Year Anniversary of The Secrets In Plain Sight!

Also, the technical problems appear to have been solved - at least for now.